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Combine your local apps, hybrid apps built for Operator, and remote Operator apps together into one simple, self-hosted, cloud-based desktop.

One filesystem​

All your Operator files are synced to your Operator server so you can access them from anywhere. Thanks to Operator's integrated client, all you have to do is go to a website.

All your apps​

Launch apps on your local device, in the browser, and on the Operator server and access them all from your Cloud Desktop through the proprietary Operator protocol.

It's not remote desktop​

Because Operator runs apps both client- and server-side, you can experience a client-side-rendered desktop with zero latency - plus access your remote apps over VNC - all from your browser.

Login with anything*​

With support for Firebase Auth, add dozens of SSO providers and custom SAML auth to Operator so you can create users automatically and sync with your own database.

Open to anyone, secure for everyone​

Operator is open-source software - so you can use it, view the code, and host it yourself for free. You can even contribute to the project with your own code. Because Operator runs all your apps in containers, it's completely sandboxed and secure.

Yes, even Windows apps​

When running Operator Core on a Microsoft Windowsβ„’ installation, you can run NT kernel apps thanks to Docker Windows Containers.